Monday, January 26, 2009


It is with pure pride and pleasure that I unveil my lovely new business cards and thank you cards.  I've had them in my hot little hands for a few weeks now and I cannot believe it took me THIS long to post them. I am sure it was due to the fact that these babies arrived the day before we took off for LA/ Golden Globe Style Lounge. Either way - here they are! Letterpress? Um, yes-please! Not only are they letterpressed but the edges are painted too - a most punchy shade of coral - or as I like to call it : Pink-dot-Press-pink! Seeing them all stacked up strutting their stuff makes me one proud mama! The best part is that they are printed on paper that is composed of 100% recycled fibers from the garment district - can you STAND it? The thank you cards are merry little morsels too - it makes thanking all my clients that much better! I LOVE designing for letterpress and love even MORE my letterPRESSER whom does a fantastic job and is an absolute delight to do business with! I highly recommend letterpressing personal correspondence, not only is it a statement on the grandest scale, but it's such a personal luxury and if done well - so totally enchanting!


Brooke Bowland said...

beautiful! love your work.
our little ladies share a name. however...yours has FAR more hair. hehe.

Christie said...

Absolutely beautiful cards! Who printed them for you?


Pink dot Press said...



Spark printed them - they are A-mazing!