Monday, January 26, 2009


It is with pure pride and pleasure that I unveil my lovely new business cards and thank you cards.  I've had them in my hot little hands for a few weeks now and I cannot believe it took me THIS long to post them. I am sure it was due to the fact that these babies arrived the day before we took off for LA/ Golden Globe Style Lounge. Either way - here they are! Letterpress? Um, yes-please! Not only are they letterpressed but the edges are painted too - a most punchy shade of coral - or as I like to call it : Pink-dot-Press-pink! Seeing them all stacked up strutting their stuff makes me one proud mama! The best part is that they are printed on paper that is composed of 100% recycled fibers from the garment district - can you STAND it? The thank you cards are merry little morsels too - it makes thanking all my clients that much better! I LOVE designing for letterpress and love even MORE my letterPRESSER whom does a fantastic job and is an absolute delight to do business with! I highly recommend letterpressing personal correspondence, not only is it a statement on the grandest scale, but it's such a personal luxury and if done well - so totally enchanting!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holy Golden Globes!

Wow! What a whirlwind! We made it back from LA in one piece - whew! I must say the Style Lounge was a complete success! Not only was it great fun, but the exposure was incredible! There was such an overwhelming response to Pink Dot Press - it's kinda hard not to get excited about paper - but these lounge goers were tickled pink by our presence, products and most importantly our service! We had the absolute pleasure of interacting with such wonderful people and were lucky enough to also meet the acquaintance of some of our favorite celebrities too! It's not everyday that you get to talk shop with the likes of Debra Messing - wha? Who, by the way, was so charming in person and to top it all off was thrilled with our work! Woo-hoo! We also had such great exchanges with people from the press, publicists and stylists to boot! Pink Dot Press is easy to talk about and even easier to be excited about and I would have to say it was certainly well received. The inquiries seem to be pouring in by the truck load and we are tending to them with thoughtful care and giddiness! The best part is that not even a week out and FMPR has asked us to design the MTV Movie Award Style Lounge invitations!!! Woot! So, needless to say we happily obliged and are currently knee deep in design. We'll have so much more to report on as this project unfolds, and report we will! Stay tuned for more Style Lounge Madness as Pink Dot Press presses on!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Golden Globe Style Lounge - here we come!

Bags are packed and ready to roll for the big day tomorrow... there's so much a buzz!A post I will promise from the front lines and upon our return a full report with all the juicy details!

Wish us luck...

Monday, January 5, 2009


One of my favorite gifts this year : kate spade terrytown metallic iphone case. Can you stand it? For a girl who can hardly resist metalic gold in any way shape or form - a blinged out cell phone case was a home run! Oh how this sends me! Bling is fun + fun is Good!

Hello o'nine + Hello good tidings + tid bits a plenty!

Happy o'nine! Ah yes, a new year, a clean slate! I just love it when that happens. It's as if given a fresh crisp set of white sheets, a sunny day in mid dreary-winter, or a deliciously scented bouquet of fresh cut flowers - they don't necessarily change your life, but they bring a newness and a freshness to everything. I love a new year, the thought of new prospects, new projects and experiences yet to come. The anticipation of the un-known and having faith that the un-known will bring good tidings and tid bits along with it - that's so exciting to me. With 2009 already upon us things have already begun to take shape in a positive direction. The Golden Globe Style Lounge is just days away and final preparations are in order for our departure. I've got a lovely collection of boxes filled with goodies to gift - sky buster balloons in every shade of pink, my favorite pink party table cloth from pottery barn kids - oh and my pink pillow after dinner mints that I plan on putting out in a vintage candy dish for passers-by! At this point I think I've thought of everything however I am quite positive that in the next two days I'll busy myself with ridiculous tasks to make certain that everything is just the way I had hoped and dreamed it would be! With good tidings + tid bits as my o'nine muse, Pink Dot Press is well on her way!