Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holy Golden Globes!

Wow! What a whirlwind! We made it back from LA in one piece - whew! I must say the Style Lounge was a complete success! Not only was it great fun, but the exposure was incredible! There was such an overwhelming response to Pink Dot Press - it's kinda hard not to get excited about paper - but these lounge goers were tickled pink by our presence, products and most importantly our service! We had the absolute pleasure of interacting with such wonderful people and were lucky enough to also meet the acquaintance of some of our favorite celebrities too! It's not everyday that you get to talk shop with the likes of Debra Messing - wha? Who, by the way, was so charming in person and to top it all off was thrilled with our work! Woo-hoo! We also had such great exchanges with people from the press, publicists and stylists to boot! Pink Dot Press is easy to talk about and even easier to be excited about and I would have to say it was certainly well received. The inquiries seem to be pouring in by the truck load and we are tending to them with thoughtful care and giddiness! The best part is that not even a week out and FMPR has asked us to design the MTV Movie Award Style Lounge invitations!!! Woot! So, needless to say we happily obliged and are currently knee deep in design. We'll have so much more to report on as this project unfolds, and report we will! Stay tuned for more Style Lounge Madness as Pink Dot Press presses on!

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