Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the GOOD life!

This amazing photograph, Poolside Gossip, taken by the oh so talented Slim Aarons [a legendary socialite photographer,] completely characterizes the essence of my current state of mind. I'm captivated by its haughtiness - 2 ladies succumbing to the pure indulgence of gossiping whilst poolside - this is decadence at it's best! Not only am I spellbound by the backdrop, the architecture, the era, the hair, but the feeling that this photograph evokes. When I look at this image I can't help but add to the lavishness by thinking: it's a Tuesday morning in Palm Springs - just the girls - yes those most certainly ARE champagne cocktails they're sipping - and, not only are they partaking in an exchange of top secret information but they are also planning and impromptu pool party for later that afternoon, and I'm invited!! I can't help it, that's just the way I see it. This has absolutely nothing to do with custom invitations or announcements, but it has everything to do with delighting your inner vivacity - giving in to what makes you happy. Moments like these are rare and should be savored - tucked away in a safe place for subsequent reminiscing. So, lets remind ourselves to always celebrate the things that make us happy, indulge in our wishes, and when we can live the good life - it's better!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dressing the part

These invitations are hot off the pink dot press - and they KILL me! There is something about this juxtaposition of classic and modern that makes such a lovely paring. I love the contrast of the classic one color semi-formal invitation set against the uber-modern super bold Greek Key envelope liner. I'm such a lady of bold bright flamboyant color - but this deep inky-navy-ness sends me over the moon! I think it satisfies the need to over indulge in a frenzy of BOLD that makes me love it so much. This bride and groom are too cute and were a delight to work with - and although I only know them on a client/designer basis, I'd like to think that if I were to attend this darling little soiree I'd dress the part. I'd douse myself in this delicious  navy Ruffled cotton-sateen frock from jcrew, and pair it with these 

Lyla peep toes heels. This ensemble screams classic-modern-chic, is just so undeniably lady like not to mention proper - you know in that Betty Draper kind of way. I'd like to think that showing up dolled up to match the invitation is the perfect way to dress the part!

Monday, June 22, 2009

wedding bells are ringing!

This has been such an exciting month... Pink Dot Press has been putting the finishing touches on some of our favorite wedding sets to date! With each new season, we try our hand at BIG ideas always doing our best to push the envelope [no pun intended!] This season is no exception. It seems our determination for the distinctive and  the extraordinary didn't go unnoticed either. This fall we'll be featured in Exquisite Weddings Magazine [on stands this August] with yours truly dishing on the in and outs of invitation trends! How FUN! Be sure to pick up a copy... I'll be sure to post again when she officially hits the stands!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a very PINK-dot-press baby shower

I LOVE a good party - and I love babies even more, so when my sister-in-law Megan was due to be showered I jumped at the chance to rain down pink baby-ness all over her! It was a surprise [the best ones always are] so I wanted it to be an explosion - and lucky for me she's expecting a girl so a party drenched in pink was the perfect plan! The invitations went out asking family + close friends to help celebrate Mommy Meg and her sweet little Egg...

Being in San Diego throwing a swanky backyard bash is a piece of cake! We dolled up the back yard in lovely shades of pink and sprinkled baby shower bits and pieces through out. We kept it easy, simple and celebratory. The end result was nothing short of adorable - I like to think backyard-baby-chic! 

The shower was small and intimate allowing for a little bit of decadence! From the flags in the food to the Baby Megg Pop Quiz all the way down to the little babies nestled inside their pink eggs atop the brownies - no detail was spared! The entire process was brilliant fun and allowed for the inner party planner in me to par take in pure pink indulgence. I have always wanted to throw a baby shower and am so glad I was able to do it, pull it off with out a hitch and of course shower a marvelous-mommy-to-be! 

{eeeeek! I can't wait to be an Auntie!!!}

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MAN shower

a MAN shower? Yes, a MAN shower! It might not be tradition, but in these modern times - anything goes. These invitations are simple - sweet - and to the point - no holds barred! I love them for all that they are and all that they represent : a modern attitude and a sprightly sense of humor. These were a delight to create and an absolute pleasure to bestow!