Sunday, September 27, 2009

up Up and Awayyyy...

Every so often our skills are put to the test and it usually comes about when there is an approaching celebration in my family. Being the invitation go-to-gal in the group all fingers point to yours truly and the stakes are usually quite high. This years request came from a very special little man in my life who {for the moment} is, shall I say... aviation-obsessed! Be it what it may - a paper airplane birthday invitation was the object of my endeavor. Thank goodness I just so happen to be married to an expert paper airplane engineer who so kindly aided in the design {I love utilizing my local resources!}

Once he had the whole thing mapped out I went to work and well... the finished piece is nothing short of perfection! So into par avion envelopes they will go and then prepare for their departure soon there after. The best part? They FLY, they really really fly!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Plant the Seed? Yes, please!

Behold the seedling! One of our coolest concepts to date, this save the date was designed for an even cooler couple with a brilliant wedding concept! Utilizing the local resources, their succulent themed wedding will not only be stunning but sustainable too! This save the date is simply stated and perfectly plantable - what more could you ask for? Designed with the environment in mind all one needs to do is dig a whole in their yard plant this save-the-date into the ground and it will grow - no, really... it will! Printed on seed paper and tucked into a kraft envelope this set is effortlessly impressive. Up next are their invitations... the stakes are high and unconventionalism is on the menu. I am beyond excited to dive into them and will most certainly post them upon completion - so DO stay tuned!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I feel like dancing!

I feel like dancing - kicking up my heels! Good things are happening and good things, as far as I can see, are on the horizon! This time of year always seems so fruitful - filled with all things good. On a personal note, the end of summer and the beginning of fall brings forth such celebratory times. There's always a dozen or so birthdays, anniversaries and weddings not to mention the onslaught of autumn - my absolute favorite time of year! Living in San Diego we get robbed of the falling leaves and instead are bathed in warm sunlight and balmy weather - but it doesn't stop me from indulging in fall's glory. I'm happy and creating in all kinds of mediums. Be it invitations for winter weddings, fall birthday parties, Halloween Soirees and swanky holiday parties or just whirling around in my kitchen whipping up fall delights - I'm relishing in the excitement of this time of year! I'm busy over at Kelley Lilien Design as well - fall seems to summon the 'back to school' fever in all of us - branding and re-branding clients are crawling out of the woodwork and galloping in my direction! You aren't hearing complaints from me... instead - I say 'Let the fun begin!' So, if I had a pair of sparkly pumps, and well - I probably should, I'd put them on and dance today... good things are on the way!