Monday, February 23, 2009

photo LOVE

Her images are clean, crisp and fresh. Her ability to capture the essence of love, life  and beauty is extraordinary. She is impossibly talented not to mention a marvelous woman. Her name is Carrie Cook and owner of urban baby photography. I had the absolute pleasure of working with Carrie this past summer when she shot my darling little family. I had seen her work a few years prior and knew that the second I had baby number 2, SHE would be the one to photo us! The second she came in the door her warmth filled the room. There's something about her that once in her company you can just go ahead and let your belly out. For 2+ hours she worked her magic and the end result was beyond my wildest dreams. I knew the photos would be lovely - but I had no idea that they would bring me to tears upon first glance. I know, I know, it's the mom in me - but she truly has a way of visually capturing moments, personalities and emotions in a way where you'd think she's known you for years. She has such great style and it shines  through in all her work. She posted a little ditty on her blog about our family shoot, and although I am partial to our special photos, every single image she takes is amazing! 

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