Monday, November 24, 2008

Pretty in Pink!!!

It is with a curtsy and a bow that I unveil the new face of Pink dot Press : {we launched this afternoon - hip hip hooray!} This, my friends, has been an ongoing blissful battle / labor of love {what ever you want to call it} for quite some time now. With BIG things on the horizon, a new face was a must. A few months back we began the 'make-over' process. I think this happens to most women - we look and look, we're OK with what we see... but not in LOVE with what we see. We think '... wellll, if I could I would definitely change this and tighten that and maybe add a little umph here and while I'm at it a nip here...' Before you know it you're in the car on the way to a consultation to discuss your total transformation to the new you. This is exactly what happened to Pink dot Press, so we succumbed to the reality and, well, she got 'a little work done' - okay?

Thanks to an amazing referral from an amazing friend {Abbie Schiller - you know who you are!} we plunged face first into Project: Total Make-Over with fingers tightly crossed. Thanks to the super wonderful and uber-talented folks at Peniferella, most notably the magnificent Jena Starkes, Pink Dot Press has a new face and is strutting with quite a swagger if I do say so myself! I cannot say enough about Jena, in fact I have since re-named her : PIXELISTA! With a mere wave of her wand she not only resurrected my website but she also transformed the presence of my company - she's a magician and a true woman of her craft. She's also an absolute gem of a lady and someone I sincerely respect! Bravo, Jena, Bravo! 

Hey Miki! You're so Kind you Blow my Mind, Hey Miki!

I truly canot say enough about Miki. Who is Miki, you ask? Well, he's Miki Iwasaki of mi-workshop. He's probaby one of the most versitally talented people I've ever met. In fact, he's so good at just about everything he does that it pretty much makes me want to puke! Not only is he an amazing sustainable furniture designer, he's an architecht {courtesy of Harvard!}and just so happens to be pretty darn talented behind a camera lens too. All this raw talent is enough to make a good person choose to hate Mr. Iwasaki - but you just can't - he's too darn nice. Frustrating, isn't it? In my thoughtful pursuit of a total Pink dot makeover I had the absolute pleasure of working with Miki on the photography for my new website. His eye for visual perfection is second to none {of course it is!} 

All the bright, shiny new photos are the handy work of Miki - with the exception of the family portrait - courtesy of Urban Baby {don't get me started on how much I adore them... that will be a whole other post in itself!!!} which resides on the contact page, just in case you were wondering. Not only did he meticulously shoot all of my portfolio pieces, he also humored me on several 'mood shoots' in which he shot what seemed like thousands of pictures that would be displayed throughout the new site. It was a complete success! Although he doesn't advertise his photo skills, instead he utilizes them for hobby and documenting his own handy work - he could and he'd most likely be ridiculously successful at that too! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The transformation has begun!

If I feel this refreshed from a total branding makeover I wonder how refreshed I'd feel from a personal makeover [equipped with hair, make-up and wardrobe of course!] It's as if someone just sprinkled a little fairy dust on lady pink and turned her into a princess! So totally tickled with how amazing this experience has been, how lucky I am to have the means to make it happen [barely!] and how excited I am to unveil the finished product! Upon completion I'll divulge all my secrets and explain the who, what, when, where and why. In due time... so keep your eyes peeled - she's startin' to look good, real good!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'll take 10, please!

One for each finger! Sometimes it's the littlest things that inspire us in the biggest of ways. This here bauble does it for me - and for a million different reasons! It's the ability to adorn one's self with a little piece of excitement. It's the explosion of bling at first glance that draws me in. I'm sure the very same mesmerized glow is painted on my face as when I am gazing up at bursting fireworks. It looks like a party, a celebration of the highest order. It's glamorous in a holly-go-lightly-cocktail-party sort of way. It screams 'put me on and I'll change your life.' It's the definition of a lady... 

It's a Kate Spade number [of course it is!] called Lady Marmalade Mushroom Ring. It's visually tantalizing and it makes me want to change my last name to Marmalade.

I'm officially inspired today, thank you Lady Marmalade Mushroom ring, thank you!!

Monday, November 17, 2008


a recent custom job I finished last week. I really, really love how this looked all dressed up in pink dot pink and orange! It was hard to box it up and ship it off... I could have kept this sweet little bundle all to myself - but I think the mommy to be needed it more than me!

why, hello!

My, my, my... isn't this grand! I am officially making my mark in the wonderful world of blogging! It's about darn time too! I love perusing blogs... in fact, it's that highlight of my day [well, next to waking up with my 2 chitlins - cup of joe in hand!] But, seriously people - why oh why did it take me so long to do this? Even though technically this is my very first posting - it's not, really. I am delighted to report that I happen to blog all the dang time. While showering I write some of my best blogs - oh, and while driving too... it's while I am sitting idle, not immersed in a creative task that my brain spitters and spatters some of my most magnificent thoughts!

There are so many deliciously talented bloggers and creative thinkers alike out there in which I share this new found forum - to them I applaud their work and am happier than a pig in ... [no, I mustn't - it's too soon] uh um... I'm positively tickled pink to be amongst you all!

I'll do my very best to update this blog with images of my current work : and share all the delights that come with a custom job!