Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello o'nine + Hello good tidings + tid bits a plenty!

Happy o'nine! Ah yes, a new year, a clean slate! I just love it when that happens. It's as if given a fresh crisp set of white sheets, a sunny day in mid dreary-winter, or a deliciously scented bouquet of fresh cut flowers - they don't necessarily change your life, but they bring a newness and a freshness to everything. I love a new year, the thought of new prospects, new projects and experiences yet to come. The anticipation of the un-known and having faith that the un-known will bring good tidings and tid bits along with it - that's so exciting to me. With 2009 already upon us things have already begun to take shape in a positive direction. The Golden Globe Style Lounge is just days away and final preparations are in order for our departure. I've got a lovely collection of boxes filled with goodies to gift - sky buster balloons in every shade of pink, my favorite pink party table cloth from pottery barn kids - oh and my pink pillow after dinner mints that I plan on putting out in a vintage candy dish for passers-by! At this point I think I've thought of everything however I am quite positive that in the next two days I'll busy myself with ridiculous tasks to make certain that everything is just the way I had hoped and dreamed it would be! With good tidings + tid bits as my o'nine muse, Pink Dot Press is well on her way!

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