Monday, November 17, 2008

why, hello!

My, my, my... isn't this grand! I am officially making my mark in the wonderful world of blogging! It's about darn time too! I love perusing blogs... in fact, it's that highlight of my day [well, next to waking up with my 2 chitlins - cup of joe in hand!] But, seriously people - why oh why did it take me so long to do this? Even though technically this is my very first posting - it's not, really. I am delighted to report that I happen to blog all the dang time. While showering I write some of my best blogs - oh, and while driving too... it's while I am sitting idle, not immersed in a creative task that my brain spitters and spatters some of my most magnificent thoughts!

There are so many deliciously talented bloggers and creative thinkers alike out there in which I share this new found forum - to them I applaud their work and am happier than a pig in ... [no, I mustn't - it's too soon] uh um... I'm positively tickled pink to be amongst you all!

I'll do my very best to update this blog with images of my current work : and share all the delights that come with a custom job!

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