Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'll take 10, please!

One for each finger! Sometimes it's the littlest things that inspire us in the biggest of ways. This here bauble does it for me - and for a million different reasons! It's the ability to adorn one's self with a little piece of excitement. It's the explosion of bling at first glance that draws me in. I'm sure the very same mesmerized glow is painted on my face as when I am gazing up at bursting fireworks. It looks like a party, a celebration of the highest order. It's glamorous in a holly-go-lightly-cocktail-party sort of way. It screams 'put me on and I'll change your life.' It's the definition of a lady... 

It's a Kate Spade number [of course it is!] called Lady Marmalade Mushroom Ring. It's visually tantalizing and it makes me want to change my last name to Marmalade.

I'm officially inspired today, thank you Lady Marmalade Mushroom ring, thank you!!

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