Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the GOOD life!

This amazing photograph, Poolside Gossip, taken by the oh so talented Slim Aarons [a legendary socialite photographer,] completely characterizes the essence of my current state of mind. I'm captivated by its haughtiness - 2 ladies succumbing to the pure indulgence of gossiping whilst poolside - this is decadence at it's best! Not only am I spellbound by the backdrop, the architecture, the era, the hair, but the feeling that this photograph evokes. When I look at this image I can't help but add to the lavishness by thinking: it's a Tuesday morning in Palm Springs - just the girls - yes those most certainly ARE champagne cocktails they're sipping - and, not only are they partaking in an exchange of top secret information but they are also planning and impromptu pool party for later that afternoon, and I'm invited!! I can't help it, that's just the way I see it. This has absolutely nothing to do with custom invitations or announcements, but it has everything to do with delighting your inner vivacity - giving in to what makes you happy. Moments like these are rare and should be savored - tucked away in a safe place for subsequent reminiscing. So, lets remind ourselves to always celebrate the things that make us happy, indulge in our wishes, and when we can live the good life - it's better!


Chantal said...

I love love love this image. If only we could all partake and be poolside in Palm Springs.. I love this blog! and I love your work.

Paige Appel said...

preach it sista.