Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Golden Globies!!!

ohmygoodness. ohmygoodness. The madness has officially begun! A while back Pink Dot Press was commissioned by Feinstein/McGuiness Public Relations to design both a 'deck' and a hard invitation for their annual Style Lounge Pre-Golden Globe gifting suite. This is one of many events hosted annually by FMPR in anticipation of major red carpet award shows in which cater to celebrity attendees. We completed the 'deck' which was a 10 page pictorial/text heavy informative electronic brochure [if you will] in September. The outcome - merely magnificent, of course! Well... with the event creeping up on us [January 8th + 9th, to be precise] the invitations are in full swing! I've assembled my team [the golden globies] and we are set to begin round one of Project Assembly: Style Lounge Madness! The supplies keep rolling in - luscious satin ribbon, pockets, stickers and envelopes... oh my! With 500 of these babies to hand assemble the task is daunting - especially since yours truly decided to really out-do herself on the design [as usual!!!] This has been such a fun adventure and I'll be sure to post updates throughout the process. The best part will be reporting from the Golden Globes Style Lounge in which Pink dot Press will be holding court!!! Undeniably Fun!

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