Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Style Lounge display table : inspiration!

This picture is every kind of happy. There is something so whimsical and dreamy about this - it's being so happy you could almost float away. It's having something on a string... that's exciting to me! This image perfectly embodies the principles of Pink Dot Press : it's indulging in the extraordinary. We believe that all things can and should be celebrated and that life on a grand scale should feel like a party all the time. In reality, it usually isn't but, we can dream cant we? So, upon discovery of this photo, the seed for our display table at the Golden Globe Style Lounge was planted! It was then that the mad hunt for these delicious 'sky buster' balloons in every shade of pink had begun! I found them, I ordered them... I await their arrival. I'm excited! Will keep you posted, pinky swear!

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