Wednesday, July 15, 2009

THIRTY + the GOOD life

Thirty is fast approaching - and by fast I mean almost 2 weeks away! Admittedly, I'm looking forward to thirty. I like to think that this coming decade holds so many treasures yet to be discovered. One thing for sure that I am holding out for is - the GOOD life! And by the GOOD life I mean - Week long Palm Springs get-a-ways with the gals - impromptu pool parties and days spent clad in nothing but resort wear - nothing but it! It's a strange fantasy that I have but, let me tell you, it's real! I envision gliding around in lovely little ensembles such as this frock by trina turk. Always awesomely accessorized, I dream of dripping with jewels - most notably, this gold vintage Key [my maiden name, really, it's Key!] pendant and these citrine sparklers both from Tiffanys. With a mean vintage scarf collection already intact - I'm thinking that thirty deserves nothing less than a Herems vintage scarf to add to the burgeoning pile of wants. I just love this one, it's called Finish - and it's divine! With all those weeks spent leasuring in lavish Palm Springs I'll certainly need a new pair of sunglasses to shade my maturing eyes from the blazing sun - I think these Avalon glasses would be perfectly suitable for such! Lastly, and not for nothin, but am I wrong in assuming that once a girl reaches thirty she's pretty much entitled to a 'big girl' purse? Like the ones you see in the windows of those stores that you just don't dare go into - because you have no business going into...? I wouldn't mind one of these 'Big Girl' purses.
Alas, I'm hoping that thirty allows me to indulge in my wishes, celebrate the things that make me happy and when I can - live the good life. In this new upcoming era both in personal and professional arenas I hope to push the envelope in every single direction and with the GOOD life as my inspiration, thirty is bound to be Magnificent!

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