Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dark-Decadent-Debonair + Dressing the Part [3]

Aristocratic and debonair, these charming invitations are fit for a swanky affair! Drenched and pressed in smokey black ink, each piece bestows an original illustration - sophisticated... don'tcha think? For two adoring New Yorkers, both happily submerged in creative careers, these invitations were to be the crowning jewel to their sumptuous city inspired wedding. What I love most about this set is that it's classic and clean yet dark, slightly mysterious and whimsical too. It's serious but fun, most of all it's decadent, dripping with drama and perfectly suited as such! The backdrop to this wedding is so eloquently emblazoned by way of New York City skyline on the custom envelope liner. This pop of rich Cabernet on creme is that little element of unexpectedness that makes me clap my hands with glee - it's exciting, and isn't just about everything better when a little excitement is involved? Which leads me to the 3rd installment of 'Dressing the Part.'

Supposing that I were expected in attendance, and dressing the part by perfectly matching my attire to these lovely invitations, a dainty little black dress would be a must! Perfectly tailored with an impeccable fit, this little black number would certainly call out for some drama by means of accessories. I'm thinking this aristocrat collar would be the statement made along with these darling pumps. Not for the bashful, these accessories are bold and delicious like their envelope liner counter part. Lastly a cocktail ring - a big one - and just because. This just might be my most inspiring ensemble yet, an immaculate paring to this dazzling invitation set!

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rachel said...

I love all the dark purple in these picks – one of my favorite colors!